Defining a Successful Whitetail Breeding Program

At Circle T Wildlife, we have focused our breeding program on producing deer that have the best opportunity to coexist with and improve deer herds that currently exist on Texas ranches. As a result, we have and will continue to breed deer that have primarily South Texas genetics that are best suited for surviving the harsh environment that Texas ranches frequently experience.  Refraining from line breeding and resisting the temptation to introduce northern genetics are two key components to producing deer that have the best opportunity to thrive when released on Texas ranches.  Pure South Texas Does or those that have primarily South Texas genetics, should look like these.

DNA verification and registration are utilized in our Atascosa Facility 545B Transfer Category I herd when necessary.  Our goal is to produce typical framed deer that look like they belong in south Texas.  Two year bucks average about 145", and our three year olds average about 170" with a reasonable percentage of them reaching 180" without a lot of non-typical points.  Bloodlines in our TC1 Facility currently exhibit or have in their pedigrees deer with excellent width, mass, and main frame points.

  • - Our Atascosa Facility 545B is a TC1 Facility.   We typically have anywhere from 25 to 45 Deer in the TC 1 Facility depending on the fawn crop each summer.
  • - Our Live Oak Facility 667B is currently a TC II Movement Qualified Facility.  Because of the concern for disease transmission, we have significantly limited our herd exposure to outside influence over the last five years.  Since October of 2011, we have introduced only two deer into our Live Oak TC II 667B Facility from two other deer breeders.  Of those two deer, one was a brood buck born and raised in our 667B Facility, sold, and purchased back many years later.